Schramm's Rabbitry

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Flemish Giants

Flemish giants are one of the biggest breeds of rabbits recognized by the ARBA. they may be big but they are sweet, friendly, gentle giants. 

Flemish Giants come in 7 different Varieties (colors)  Black, Blue, Fawn, Light Gray, Sandy, Steel Gray, and White. 


Deno is a light gray buck. 

winnings: B.O.V   at MSU 4-H show 1/26/13

                    B.O.V   at MSU MSRBA show 3/2/13

                    B.O.V   at LARR show (A) 3/23/13

                    B.O.V   at LARR show (B) 3/23/13

                    B.O.S   at LARR show (B) 3/23/13 [leg]

                    B.O.V   at GLRACS show 3/30/13

                    B.O.V   at SV show 5/11/13

                    B.O.V  at HOM show 5/11/13

                    B.O.S   at HOM show 5/11/13 [leg]

                    B.O.V   at OCF show 7/5/13

                    B.O.S   at Armada Fair 4-H show 8/15/13 



Glimmer is a doe steel gray Flemish giant.
winnings: B.O.V MSU MSRBA 11/23/13


Stella is a light gray doe Flemish Giant.